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As we all know that packers and movers company do the shifting and packing or we can say in a simple way that they do pack and move your whole stuff from one place to another, even from city to another city and some of the king of packers and movers they do international shifting and packing but can you know how to hire the best packers and movers for your stuff , in this article I will try to provide and give you my personal experience about them because I have use them couple of times.

As we know that in metro cities like Delhi , Gurgaon, Kolkata , Banglore, Mumbai , Ahmedabad and Hyderabad there are easy to find the best packers and movers company but how about the small town or village like Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh or Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh so what about this small town how to find the best company for shifting your stuff how to trust them these are some question put up generally in mind when we are hiring small companies. Below I will try to help you out how to choose the best one from many of them.

First check the background of the company
It is very important to check the background of the company to trust them for hire for your stuff. The first way is internet just simply open the google and search about the background of the company by this you will get the overview of the company by reading reviews and experiences of past costumers. It is very important to check the company you are hiring is valid or not by the government, so by this you can ask for the papers to cross check the background of the company.

Second check license and registration of the company 
It is very important to check the license and local registration of the company before hire the packers and movers company. This is good because government check the company before give them the license and local registration to authorize the work. At least the company have the local registration from municipal corporation for work to shift the stuff from one place to another.
It is important to determine the legitimacy of a particular company is to see their company registration as in trade license, industry certification, service tax, official address of their company etc; you should also check for the personal ID’s of the executives/promoters like voter id and PAN card (especially in case of proprietorship companies ).

Third check the experience of the company
To give them work or hire a company for your stuff you have to check the experience of the company in the field. If you are looking for shifting and relocation of your stuff in Agra than the company have reliable experience to shifting your stuff: same as car transportation and household shifting and office relocation.

Fourth check the Men power and transportation
The fourth very important part before hire packers andmovers in Aligarh is to check the men power and transportation. To check the men power goes the office without telling them and same work for the transportation, it is very important the company should have the men power and transportation for complete their task.

Fifth check the guarantee for your stuff         
The fifth part is to check the guarantee for your stuff, why this is important because from shifting your stuff one place to another the company should provide the insurance for your stuff that you should have guarantee from company side that my stuff will be safe. For instance you are hiring a company in Packers and Movers in Agra for office relocation and the company did not provide the insurance by mistake your important table/computer damaged by them than what happen you will suffer lose so for this you have to be sure about the guarantee of the products.

Sixth check payment policy and conditions

Last but not the least the very important part is to check the payment policy otherwise you will caught by the company and they will charge extra payment in a wrong way. For instance you are hiring packers andmovers in Mathura for your household stuff and they take your stuff to move for your other place but before giving your stuff they demand for extra charges than you have to give them for your stuff so it is very important to check the payment condition.

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